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Hello! Welcome! I'm a programmer and AI researcher currently working at Behavioural Interactive on an unannounced project. Talk to me about anything!

2019-03-20 Unity Headshots
2019-03-20 Unity Headshots
2019-03-20 Unity Headshots
2019-03-20 Unity Headshots



Watch Dogs: Legion

I became an Online Intern at Ubisoft Toronto in time to help ship Watch Dogs: Legion, and to help develop the Multiplayer functionality and help close Compliance issues with stadia. The game launched on October 29th, with the Multiplayer launching in December.



For my work as a Research Associate, I built a Visual Programming language and Video Editor in QT to quickly prototype and test Computer Vision Classifiers. It comes with a classifier creation pipeline, javascript scripting integration, tools for pre-processing and multiple forms of data output. I published an IEEE Systems paper for CRV2020 in March 2020.



This is a game project I developed for 2nd year Game Project. It is a 2.5D local multiplayer arcade fighting game developed from scratch in OpenGL. It won 2nd Place in the Technical category at the Level Up Student Showcase on April 17th 2019.

download (1).png


This is a Year-Long Game project developed as an Asymmetrical Networked Multiplayer, FPS vs RTS game developed in Unity and C++. Its development was interrupted by the COVID-19 Virus. If you want to check out our progress, here is the project repo, and server repo:


Networking Framework

This is a UDP/TCP hybrid client-server multiplayer networking plugin that I developed for my third-year game project. It was developed in C++ using Winsock and developed to be used in Unity, through a DLL.

Link to the Repo:


Hammered Spirits

Hammered Spirits was a submission for Global Game Jam 2021 that I made with a friend. It's about the ghost of a man who got blackout drunk, and is trying to find their body back in a tavern.



Hamballer is sidescroller Game Jam Game that I developed at Global Game Jam 2020 with 5 others. 

Try it out here:

Code here:


Rob0/OnMo Platform

During my time at Rob0, I helped research and develop applications for Classification Neural Networks that would be used to help Game Developers and that could be implemented as features in the ONMO platform. The platform has not yet been released.


Super Antithesis Kart

My submission for Ludem Dare 41 Game Jam. Created in 72 hours in a team of 5 people using Unity. It's a single player Walking Simulator Racing game.

download (13).png


This is my sketchfab Portfolio, where I keep and display all my 3D art projects. Check it out if you're interested!


2 guys 1 knife

2-Player Arena Style Game. Official Selection for Level-Up Showcase 2018. This is a game developed in Cocos2d-x, that I've been working on in my second semester at University. We were lucky enough to be selected one of the only 1st year games to be featured in the Level Up showcase, in April, through this game.


Little Wanderer

Little Wanderer is a game I made in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2019. It features a child wandering in a post-apocalyptic world with their house holding their hand and their dog by their side to keep them safe. Try it out here:

download (5).png

Falling Jack

Single Player Jump game made for Alakajam 4. Quickly jump out of the well back to freedom before it floods!

Play it here:


Debt Simulator

Debt Clicker game I made in TOJAM. It's a clicker game that simulates the feeling of racking up trillions in debt. Download and play it here:


Story-driven, text based puzzle game inspired by George Orwell's 1984. First created in 2017 University Of Ontario Institute of Technology GDSoc Game Jam.

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Project Seren

Project Seren is the working title of a Furry Dating Game. It has been put on pause since the summer of 2018, when I last worked on it. I was the lead programmer on this project with a group of over 30 programmers, artists, writers, and musicians.  and developed a framework in Unity for the game's systems and parsing tools for artists and writers. It is uncertain when or if the project will resume.


An 2-Player 2D Racing Game. Made for the Global Game Jam 2018. You are a cow, racing to get to the end with another player. Mate with animals on the way to produce offspring, whom you'll control to go faster. Dodge poops and hay bales.


Control Freak

This was a game design concept I had written and submitted for Game Career Guide's Design Challenge. This concept was picked by them as one of the best, and featured on their website. Read the contest and my submission here:


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